The Speedmaster Mark 4.5 Financed By The Spy Who Loved Me

Nick, Speedmaster enthusiast and avid Speedy Tuesday reader, fell in love with Omega’s Speedmaster after he Swiss Rolex replica watches the 1969 moon landing as a teenager while being in France. When he turned 21, he received a ’71 Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ as a birthday gift from his dad.

Unfortunately, a couple of years later (1974) when Nick worked in the movie industry in the United Kingdom, the watch was stolen on the set of Intimate Reflections. While this movie – as Nick puts is – was an infinitely forgettable film, it did launch his career in the industry. Besides his watch, also his brand new Nikon F2 camera was stolen from the set.

Omega Speedmaster Profesisonal - Nick's 1979 replacement watch

Nick explains that he had to take his Speedmaster watch off whilst loading a new roll of film using a Black Bag which had to be light-proof. The Black Bag was an essential item for a ‘Clapper-Loader’ (2nd. Camera Assistant) whereby you could transfer a new 400’/1,000′ roll of Eastmancolor film to and from a camera magazine ( i.e. Panavision or Arriflex camera). The exposed film being sent to the laboratories for processing into ‘the rushes/dailies’. The Black Bag was useful for location work, when access to a studio darkroom was impossible. However the hand-access sleeves of the black bag were very restrictive and as the film was highly sensitive to light, it was necessary to remove your watch (especially if it emitted a powerful ‘lume’ from the dial). On that day Nick didn’t have time to put the watch back on as he had to race back to the set to re-load the camera. It was only unattended for seconds-but that’s all it takes!

Although his first Moonwatch is now probably owned by someone who doesn’t know he is wearing a stolen watch, Nick keeps hope that the thief tosses and turns with guilt as it was very valuable to him. He doesn’t not have the serial number of the cheap Swiss fake watches, otherwise we could do a ‘call’ among our readers to find it.

Nick was mortified as the Moonwatch he received from his father wasn’t insured. At that moment, he couldn’t afford to buy another one.

Full package of the Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5

In 1976, when he worked on the James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ things changed though. It gave him the funds – although it was still a lot of money for a watch – to buy another Speedmaster. In 1977, he came across this Omega dealer in Tottenham, North London, when he suddenly noticed this beautiful Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 (with caliber 1045 movement) sitting in the window. He was captivated by the Speedmaster Mark 4.5 ref. 176.0012 and after he convinced his new bride that he really needed to buy this watch, it was his.

This Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 watch was treasured by Nick ever since and when the chronograph function started to play up last December, he decided the watch deserved an expensive spa. The men’s fake watches has been completely overhauled and looks like it was just bought on that day in 1977 again.

Eventually, Nick also bought an Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ that came close to the original one he got from his dad. He loves both watches but decided to put the Speedmaster Mark 4.5 up for sale on eBay, including all original boxes and paperwork. Although I’ve tried to persuade him not to sell it, the watch will go if it hits the right amount of money. As a Speedmaster nut, he wants to own the Holy Grail Speedmaster with the same Lemania 5100 based movement as the Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 but with the typical ‘Moonwatch’ design.


As we did a write-up on the Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 on several occasions I won’t go into technical details of the watch. The Mark series started with the Mark II in 1969 and ended with the Mark V that was introduced in 1984. The Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 is actually an unofficial name, as it was just called Speedmaster Automatic. Obviously, the Mark 4.5 nick name was given to the watch due to the shape (Mark IV) of the discount Swiss replica watches and the Lemania 5100 movement (Mark V).

We would like to thank Nick for his remarkable story about his stolen Moonwatch and the ‘replacement’ Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 that he was able to buy due to the Spy Who Loved Me movie in 1976.

Orbita Sempre is Automatic Watch Winder for Manual-Wind Watches

During our annual visits to Orbita at the various Omega replica watches and jewelry trade shows, we always see an impressive collection of new and existing winders of all sizes, holding anywhere from a single watch to as many as 48. And of course, the vast majority of these Orbita watch winders — and most other watch winders — are equipped to supply power to automatic (that is, self-winding) watches by rotating them at regular intervals so the rotors in the watches’ movements can continually supply energy to their mainsprings. But what about replica watches uk that don’t have rotors… and whose mainspring can only be wound via the watch’s crown?

Fortunately, thanks to Orbita’s cleverly engineered Sempre model, owners of manual-wind timepieces have a winder made specifically for their needs. The Orbita Sempre is, according to the company, the only such winder on the market. It is intended to wind, without ever overwinding, virtually any manually wound mechanical watch. How this Orbita watch winder accomplishes this feat is with a system of precision collets (basically, mechanical fingers) that grasp the watch’s crown and replicate the action of finger winding. As it does so, an ingenious microprocessor control senses the increasing resistance as the mainspring is being wound and automatically stops winding when the watch approaches the fully wound state.  The Orbita Sempre is in a single ($2,995) or double ($4,995) model, in either burl or black leather finish. Collectors with weary fingers from the daily ritual of keeping their replica watches for men running perpetually might wish to give these a look.

Orbita Sempre watch winder

Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Colette – Thomas Erber

For one week only Corum joins the famous Parisian concept store Colette and the artist Thomas Erber and creates a Limited Edition of 10 timepieces. The brand takes up residence at 213 rue Saint-Honoré, in Paris, with a cheap replica watches special showcase, representing a fairytale-like chalet in an abstract form.

Name:  Corum Colette Thomas Erber.jpg
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The structure draws its inspiration from the “Style Sapin”; a decorative art form from the La Chaux-de-Fonds of the early twentieth century, and is made of a natural larch wood and steel structure constructed with the codes of the Corum Admiral’s Cup collection.

Thomas Erber is working on developing his ‘cabinet de curiositis’, which are exported all around the world and in which he presents the new trends and designers of the moment. In a contemporary approach, Thomas Erber explores all areas of creation; from fashion to fine Cartier replica watchmaking, through to design, music, and also travel.

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For the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Colette – Thomas Erber, Corum has revisited the codes of the timepiece and reinterpreted it in metallic shades. Its twelve-sided case from 42 mm, in brushed steel, houses an automatic movement caliber CO 395.

The hour markers are shown traditionally Swiss replica watches by the nautical pennants while the matt dial displays the minute indicators which are treated in Superluminova. A small seconds counter with the personalized initials of Thomas Erber positioned at 6 o’clock, hosts an indigo blue luminescent hand Colette store’s color. The Limited Edition of 10 timepieces is exclusively distributed at Colette.

Fratello’s Top 5 Vintage Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe turned 175 last fall. In honor of the anniversary, we at Fratello Watches offered up this list — not an overview of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches, nor the most sought-after cheap Patek Philippe replica watches, or the rarest Patek Philippe watches. Just my personal top five among vintage Patek Philippe watches, selected for a variety of reasons.

1. Patek Philippe World Time Reference 2523
The world time watch of all world time watches, in my humble opinion, the Patek Philippe Reference 2523 is, admittedly, very rare, but also very beautiful, and that’s why it is 0n this list. There are two modern versions of the Patek Philippe World Time watch, References 5130 and 5131.

Patek Philippe Ref. 2523 World time watch

2. Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3700/1A
After Gérald Genta created the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, he more or less replicated its design for Patek Philippe and IWC. This Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3700/1A was the equivalent of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Reference 5402ST. The Nautilus Reference 3700/1A used the same movement as the Royal Oak, until the late 1970s, when Patek Philippe exchanged it for an in-house movement. The modern version of this Nautilus is Patek’s Reference 5711/1A model.

Patek Philippe Ref. 3700 Nautilus

3. Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 96
One of the most beautiful, classical dress replica watches, in my opinion, is the Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 96. Very clean design: a beautiful dial with small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock. It is a very small watch, but you could get away with wearing it even today, simply because of its attractiveness. Its modern equivalent is the Patek Philippe Ref. 5196, an elegant, 37-mm version of the Calatrava with small seconds.

Patek Philippe Ref. 96 Calatrava

4. Patek Philippe Chronograph Reference 1579
I am a sucker for chronographs, and this 1940s Patek Philippe Reference 1579 is a beautiful example that represents that specific era of chronograph watches. Beautiful, elegant shaped lugs and a wonderful dial with two registers. The chronograph seconds hand is blued, while the rest of the hands are gold, just like the case, crown and pushers.

Patek Philippe Ref. 1579 Chronograph

5. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Reference 3940
Perhaps I’m stretching the definition of “vintage” a bit with this one, but I can’t complete my own Top 5 vintage Patek Philippe list without mentioning the discontinued Reference 3940 perpetual calendar Swiss fake watches. It was introduced in 1985, which is old enough for me to consider it vintage. Succeeded by the Reference 5140 in 2006, the 3940 is a very elegant 36-mm timepiece that has — at least in my eyes — nicer proportions than its successor.

Patek Philippe Ref. 3940 Perpetual Calendar