Omega Constellation Fake Cheap Watches With Grey Dials Of Good Popularity

The classic Omega Constellation replica watches have 41mm steel cases with Sedna gold bezels. The solid cases can protect the inner structures and mechanisms very well. First, their Cal. 8922, self-winding mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. The Swiss movements with COSC certification and METAS tests can resist strong magnetic fields to 15,000 guass. The excellent movements have precise and stable performances.

Their sapphire glasses with anti-glare treatments can be scratch-resistant to protect the delicate dials. The dials have Sedna gold indexes and hands which are all covered with white luminescent coatings. There are four Sedna gold hands in the center. Three of they are hour, minute and seconds hands. And the other one is set to show the month. Their dials have a unique way to show the month. There is a month name between each two hour markers and the other hand can show this function.

Besides, there is a date indicator set at 6 o’clock. Omega copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements have delicate cases with brown leather straps, making a noble match. Their unique dials and exquisite details can be advantages to draw attention of male customers. They can be worn for many occasions including formal meetings and dinner parties.

Men’s Omega Constellation Fake Watches With Silver Dials

The 35mm Omega Constellation replica watches house quartz movements with rhodium-plated finish. Made according to strict standards, the movements are ensured to be highly precise and stable in your daily life.

With solid case structure, a screw-down crown, and a thick sapphire crystal, the cheap Omega fake watches can keep normal operation at the depth of 100 metres. With a yellow gold bezel bearing engraved Roman numerals, the steel case is fitted with a sparkling and supple bracelet made from steel and yellow gold.

Besides a date display at 3 o’clock, the silver dial has luminous yellow gold hands and hour indexes that are in line with the bezel. Lending the yellow gold bezels copy watches an air of noble elegance, the dial is readable and clear.

Steel Cases Omega Constellation Fake Watches
Steel Cases Omega Constellation Fake Watches