Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

As we enter part 4 of our “Vintage Eye” series, we come to yet another classic and innovative watch, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. First designed in 1931 for British Army polo players stationed in India, the watch with the now-iconic pivoting case quickly earned its status as the original sports cheap  replica watches combining purposed functionality with exceptional wearability. Today, there are countless variations on the original piece — from moon-phases to tourbillons, from dual-dialed cases to diamond-studded dials — but all of them remain faithful to the original vision of the watch: consumer-catered tailoring, and unmistakable style. Plainly put, the JLC Reverso has not only become a hallmark for the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, but has acquired a “cool factor” that has enabled it to retain a strong following (disregarding a slight falloff during the Quartz Crisis) for more than 80 years.

JLC Reverso vintage 1931

The first watch we’ll take a look at this week is the Reverso Classique (Ref. 2508412). This piece is available in 10 different stylings, with this particular version sporting a stainless steel case and a clean, white dial strapped up on matte black crocodile leather. The watch distinguishes itself with unique blue “baton” hour and minute hands (the classic Reverso has traditionally not included seconds hands), a similar colored minutes counter, and what I find to be the most significant detail, the black Arabic numerals. The numerals, along with the rest of the graphics on the dial, seem to have a “human” quality to them: slight imperfections give the Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watches the appearance that it has lived a previous life before it made its way to your wrist. This particular reference uses the Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber 846/1, and maintains the classic Reverso proportions, 38.5 mm x 23.1 mm for length and width, respectively. You will be able to find the Classique for around $5,650.

JLC Reverso Ref. 2508412

Despite my preference for vintage, I like this watch a great deal. It is certainly not a full-on replica of the tan-and-black, semi-minimalist Reverso of 1931, but instead combines a healthy amount of heritage with contemporary coolness. If anything, this is the much-improved Reverso that René-Alfred Chauvot (the watch’s original designer) could have hoped to create. It has a fully functioning, reversible case that is able to pivot at more than just a single corner of the cheap IWC replica watches (one of the original version’s main flaws), it has a much more water-resistant case and shock-absorbing movement (which makes sense for what was envisioned, originally, as a sports watch), and the dial has been able to fuse simplicity with soul, which is a rare feat in itself.

JLC Reverso in glove


None of this is to imply that the Omega fake watches does not pay sufficient tribute to earlier models in its lineage: the case is still practically the same design as it has always been (with JLC refraining from brushing the steel, as many brands have chosen to do with their modern pieces), the smaller minutes counter is the same design as older, complete-dial versions (in what I’m positive was purposeful to maintain the “Art Deco” aesthetic), and the crocodile leather strap is of a higher quality, which no one will argue against. Jaeger-LeCoultre did a good job with this watch, and should be proud of where their hallmark stands today.

The next best TAG Heuers replica watches we’ll look at is the Reverso Duo (Ref. 2718410, below). This watch was released in 1994 as part of a larger ’90s push by JLC to develop more contemporarily designed pieces. Rather noticeably, this is quite a different watch than the Reverso Classique. With two different reversing dials, one white and one black, the Duo is able to transition quickly and simply from one time zone to another by means of a pusher above the crown. Both dials now include a round component at the six o’clock mark, and the piece is powered by a single movement, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 854/1.

replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Ref. 2718410

Outside of these technicalities, the two different dials bear very little resemblance to one another; the black dial takes advantage of circular accents (and even includes a 24-hour indicator at the bottom), “eventail” hands, and fewer Arabic numerals for the hour markers. The white dial uses two-toned square accents (outside its seconds counter), sticks with the blue “baton” hands for the hour and minute, and uses many more numerals for the hours, adding to what I find to be a more classical look. The Duo is listed significantly higher than the Classique, at $9,150.

One of the greatest aspects of the original Reverso, outside of the flipping case and cool backstory, was the level of customization customers could add to their watches via caseback engravings. The Duo takes that same spirit of the Reverso and Jaeger-LeCoultre and transforms it into a memorable contemporary piece. The white dial and stainless-steel case pays homage to past Reversos, focusing on the numerals, “Art Deco” styling, and hands, while the black developed a more modern take, with its triple-toned, partly textured dial, circular accents, and sword-like “eventail” hands. The fake Cartier watches sale, in my opinion, represents very well what the brand, and the watch, strives to be in the modern day — with a 24-hour indicator or a seconds counter, with a white or black dial, with circle or square subdials —a timepiece that everyone who appreciates something unique and out-of-the-ordinary will enjoy.

replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Ref. 2718410 - two dials

As you can probably tell, I really like the Reverso collection overall. I feel it is one of the few examples of modern Patek Philippe replica watches that have been able to honor what it used to be decades ago, while continually breaking new ground in the present. It still hand winds when it could have fully transitioned to a quartz or mechanical automatic movement, it has kept basically to its original 1931 proportions, and even with both of these “limitations,” it continues to improve in its design through better movements, more versatile reversing cases, and modern manufacturing techniques. With all of that said, I still don’t wear either of these myself. Both pieces are relatively “long” (to be expected of rectangular watches), and I know I have neither the courage nor large enough wrists to pull it off. But who knows? Perhaps I’ll try on one of the smaller ladies’ model first and see if it grows on me.

Caleb Anderson is the Director of Outreach at the online vintage and antique watch boutique Since starting at Theo & Harris, he has garnered extensive knowledge on vintage replica watches, and spends much of his time sharing his opinions within the field. Currently located near New York City, he is a persistent student in all things historical, a writer on watches, and a casual runner.

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre – When the stars come out

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new replica watches models for 2015 celebrate astronomy, the science that gave rise to horology. They include several high-precision timepieces, including many with very special moon-phase displays.

replica watches

Jaeger-LeCoultre has looked to the stars for this year’s collection, and furnished the majority of its new models with complications or specific features relating to the heavenly bodies and their movement through the sky. This overarching theme is an opportunity for the brand to demonstrate the multiple facets of its technical prowess. The Le Sentier watchmaker is indeed at the head of a repertoire of skills rarely encountered among the great names in Fine Watchmaking, such that its expertise in the development and manufacturing of movements sets it apart. “Jaeger-LeCoultre has the ability to interpret the same complication in several ways,” says Marketing and Creation Executive Director Stéphane Belmont. “Generally these evolve from a simple version to another, far more complex iteration. Our role is to inform on these differences to explain possible variations in price. The moonphase embodies this principle this year. A classic moonphase shows a one-day discrepancy every two and a half years whereas one of our models has a moonphase that is accurate for 3,887 years.”

3,887 years and one day

fake watches for men

The cheap replica watches in question is the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Moon. It incorporates an inclined Tourbillon with a cylindrical balance spring, three essential elements in the quest for precision. Also, the patented Dual Wing system reduces variations in energy supplied to the movement, thanks to a construction whereby the additional function runs separately from the base calibre, using power supplied by its own barrel. The moonphase, crafted from lapis lazuli and gold, deviates by just one day in 3,887 years, making it one of the most precise in the world.

Solar time, sidereal time

The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication, with its orbital flying tourbillon, reproduces the path of the Sun based on sidereal time, which is calculated according to the position of the stars, Sirius in particular, rather than the Earth. The titanium tourbillon carriage, mounted on a ball bearing, makes one complete anti-clockwise rotation in 23 hours, 56 minutes and four seconds on a dial depicting a map of the constellations. A small sun circles the edge of the dial once in 24 hours to show solar time. The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication also incorporates a Swiss replica watches minute repeater, which has been modified since its inception in 2009. Initially positioned on the front, the gongs have been moved to the rear but are still connected to the sapphire crystal for better resonance. At 80 decibels, their chime is 25% more powerful. Jaeger-LeCoultre has achieved this by increasing the space inside the case and by reducing the residual noise produced by the minute-repeater governor from 40 db to 20 db, which is the level of an empty room. This invention was previously presented in the Hybris Mechanica 2. The pallet lever and the escape wheel are in silicon; the balance wheel is in gold. The case has been endowed with more supple forms and richer finishing.

A heart of stone

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More subdued, the Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique à Quantième Perpétuel includes a cylindrical balance spring beating at 4Hz (28,800 vph), a rare feature in an escapement. The grained dial is lacquered in royal blue. The dial of the Master Calendar Meteorite is, as its name suggests, sculpted from an authentic meteorite that struck the Earth more than 900 million years ago. Its crystal structure is the result of the extreme heat then sudden cold experienced on entering the atmosphere. The discs used to make the dials are very slowly cut so as not to generate an increase in temperature which could alter the natural pattern of the meteorite. They are then treated with ruthenium and varnished with zapon.

Rendezvous with the stars

Women have two appointments with the Rendez-Vous collection. The Rendez-Vous Celestial introduces an unusual dial in orange-tinted aventurine with, in its centre, an elliptical opening. The disc beneath this opening reproduces the starry sky and rotates once in 23 hours, 56 minutes and four seconds, an almost imperceptible movement whose symbolic value will not escape anyone with an interest in astronomy. A zodiac calendar on the rotating disc indicates the position of the constellations at any moment of the year by means of an annual calendar which regulates time display and measurement. The Rendez-Vous Moon is doubtless one of the most accurate moon-phase replica watches for women, varying by just one day in 972 years. Crafted from mother-of-pearl, the moon is surrounded by a twinkling night sky.