Limited Edition Harry Winston Project Z Fake Watches With Black Rubber Straps Of Top Quality

The Project Z9 models use a unique kind of materials which is zirconium. This material is used for their 44mm round cases. The strong Harry Winston Project Z replica watches have precise functions and stylish designs, attractive lots of male fans. Men like the complicated working mechanisms. Their calibre HW3304 is equipped with 37 rubies and can vibrate 36,000 times one hour. Their power reserve is about 50 hours.

The Swiss mechancal movements can support the flyback and chronograph functions. The delicate Harry Winston Project Z fake watches have the 44mm size which is suitable for men’s wrists. This limited edition is launched 300 pieces in total. The skeleton dials have blue hour and minute hands in the center. A date indicator is set at 6 o’clock. Their hour and minute chronograph functions are displayed in a particular way. The timepieces are also carried with transparent case backs.

Harry Winston copy watches with Swiss automatic movements have a good water-resistance reaching 10 bars. The models have solid and delicate appearances with technological feelings. The blue color application is brilliant and obvious. The whole image is filled with sport and energetic feelings, appealing and charming.