The Wood Dial Swiss Perfect UK Fake Rolex Datejust Is One-Of-A-Kind Collector’s Watches

There’s certainly a rareified air to the best 1:1 Rolex replica watches on the market, be they part of the new Rolex pre-owned program or a covetable market-pacer like the Rolex Dayton Panda. Some Swiss made Rolex fake watches exist on another planet altogether, like a stunning 1983 Rolex Datejust with a handsome wood dial – a timepiece that just so happens to be on the market right now.

For a cool $150,000, the Rolex Datejust 16019 Wood Dial replica watches wholesale can be yours via Collectors Gallery, yet there’s no doubt it won’t last in the wild for long.

Collectors Gallery, out of Dubai, calls the watch a fine example of “stealth wealth,” with plenty of distinctive details that separate even from the most envy-inducing vintage cheap Rolex copy watches.

As Collectors Gallery notes, this number was delivered on a white gold Oyster bracelet, not a President bracelet commonly found on the (still uncommon) luxury Rolex Datejust replica watches.

The reason being? The 16019 flew under the radar in decades gone by, particularly this white gold number (among other precious metals used for the Datejust).

Typically, the Datejust came in stainless steel and was a noted “entry-level” high quality Rolex super clone watches.

The most striking thing about this particular 16019 replica watches with Swiss movements is, of course, the wood burl dial. It boasts “complex twists, spirals and swirls which give it a unique and mesmerizing pattern,” Collectors Gallery notes.

The authoritative “Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust” still rests in supreme fashion at the 12’o-clock Rolex crown marking, while the customary 3-o’clock date window pops nicely against the wood burl swirling dial.

Taken all at once, this top UK fake watches comes with a serious air of intrigue: It’s only one-of-one after all, and boasts plenty of touches atypical for Rolex. If you’ve got the money to burn and a thirst for an extremely unique Rolex, look no further.